End of Summer BBQ

Another great time was had by all, THANKS to:

-Wonderful Board of Directors (Special thanks to Ralph for organizing!)

-Fantastic Residents from Both Houses who Hosted and Toasted each other!

-Martin for Grilling tasty Foods!

-Ben and His Band for another Great Show!

Robert’s Photos (appreciate the shots, Robert!):

photo 3 photo 2 photo 6 photo 4 photo 1

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5

More Images of the Festivities:

Tam-2014-2 Tam-2014-3 Tam-2014-4JPG Tam-2014-5 Tam-2014-6 Tam-Sept 2014-1

(there’s talk about having BBQ’s more often. . .Stay Tuned!)


Summer BBQ

Wow!  We had a GREAT June Barbecue!

This really showed the Heart and Soul of Tam House. . .

Most residents from both houses (along with several guests, former and new residents) gathered on the New Deck at Tam One and thoroughly enjoyed Incredible Food provided by our Enthusiastic Board of Directors!  (Malcolm was Master Grill-man)

Ben and His Band kept it all light and lively!

Thanks to Everyone for Making this Community Event such a Harmonious Success!

*Here are a few Smile Shots by Resident Robert and Manager Chris



Sad News



Big Smile Greg

Big Smile Greg



Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party

One of the Gang

One of the Gang

We grieve with the residents of Tam One who have lost one of their housemates.

Greg passed away this week after a long struggle with cancer.

His intelligence, sense of humor and smile will linger with us for a long time.

We will miss you Greg!