Residents Say. . .

“There’s a sense of responsible freedom here but you never feel like you’re alone; we look out for one another.”

“It feels like family here.”

“I feel vitalized!”

“I’m home now.  And I haven’t used that word for a very long time!”

Welcome to Tam!

“Tam Home” is the E-Home for TAM HOUSE, a Circle of Elders who enjoy their own rooms and independence while sharing communal space with inter-dependence. 

“Tam Home” is a forum for well-aged ideas, stories, poetry, wisdom, images and more from almost two dozen residents who call Tam their common home.

Residents of TAM HOUSE in San Anselmo, California, come from a wide diversity of backgrounds and bring centuries of life experience under a common roof.  Senior cooperative living is a challenge, and a great joy!  To find home is one thing, but to discover a “place to belong” and thrive, especially later in life, makes residency at Tam a growing garden of gratitude for all participants.

For over 30 years, the non-profit and non-sectarian Ross Valley Ecumenical Housing Association has built on the dream that is TAM HOUSE.  We hope you enjoy the living story that gives one Elder Community a bright and engaging address.


Tam House One and Two. . .Where the Address is Community

Board of Directors and Staff

Short History of Tam House

The Ross Valley Ecumenical* Housing Association (RVEHA) was formed as a nonprofit corporation in 1979 by a coalition of congregations and Rotary. The mission of RVEHA was, and has always been, to provide a unique model of cooperative living for seniors in Marin County. From the beginning, the commitment was to offer elders an affordable, safe and healthy communal environment where each resident could live a fulfilling, positive life with others.

In 1980, Tam One was opened on Tamalpais Avenue in San Anselmo. The next year it was remodeled, and a second building annexed to accommodate a total of 11 residents. In 2007 Tam Two was build from the ground up near to Tam One on Woodland Avenue. The new residence increased occupancy by 10 rooms. Both houses now provide 21 rooms for fully independent lower income seniors.

*Ecumenical: from Greek, oikos, “household”; the inhabited earth

Common Dinners at Tam House (the heart of the community)

Residents enjoy sharing evening meals together as much as possible.  From 6-7pm each night the house gathers to be nourished by Martin’s interesting variety of dishes and by the common life of the household.  Because Martin shops on a tight budget to cook for 21 residents, he cannot cater to special diets and we do our best to please 21 people!  Every resident contributes $125 (under $5/day) for the main meal and light breakfast foods (cereal, fruit, milk, coffee, tea).

Sample Menu

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