At the Doorway. . .


We’re happy to say that MARGARET ANN and PENNY are entering Tam Two this month as brand new residents of the Tam Family. We hope everyone gets a chance to shake their hand or share a hug when you see them.  

We will ALL have a great opportunity to greet them at the SUMMER BBQ on JUNE 3!

(and, yes, Ben and His Band will be Back!)

As we say hello to new friends and goodbye to old friends, we certainly wish MARDA and GENE very well in their journeys forward!

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“Welcoming New Residents”

Something to Celebrate

At Tam House, we have a lot to be grateful for, and a lot to celebrate.

This year marks our 35th Year opening our doors for independent seniors!

Amazing as it sounds, our Model for What Works in Elder Living is still “new” to many people.

That’s one reason we like to get the word out about the Tam Houses.  Not only to attract new residents, not only to gain supporters, but to pass along the Real Good News of affordable, meaningful Senior Living.

Who knows, maybe one day there will be Tam-like homes all over the country!

Thank you for celebrating with us!

35th Anniversary Celebration Poster

{Submitted to the North Bay Chambers of Commerce}

Not Simply a Change of Address


We’ve asked some family members of former Tam residents to say a few words about their experience.

Thank you to Kira and David for responding with such meaningful words and memories of Erma!

It wasn’t simply a change of address. For my strong, independent mother in law Erma Swaim, a move from the house she lived in for 50+ years and the thought of leaving the town where she raised her only son held significance that I still don’t fully claim to understand.

With the smiles and unconditional love of her two grandbabies waiting for her in San Anselmo, she begrudgingly heeded our advice and packed up her belongings to live with us. With our house set up on a hill and the busy lives we led, she felt isolated and homesick. We knew that moving her into our house was too big of a leap for her. She needed her own space. Her own community. A place that she could call her new home. But she also could no longer live alone.

The Tam House was the refuge we had all been seeking. A place to gather with elders of her age, to share the daily communal meal, to swap stories and spend hours in the garden talking about back home. Solitude after an exhausting yet fun filled day with her granddaughters. A place that she could still feel like Erma and not simply a new, added responsibility to her son and his family. It gave her the independence she needed and gave us the dependence and sense of peace we needed.

Years passed and Erma began to call the Tam House home. She had found a place where she could care for others and they her. We don’t know what we would have done if we hadn’t found the Tam House. Her true home will always be the town she came from but I’m sure she relishes in the memories of the Tam House and swaps a story or two while looking down on us from above.


{We welcome your story of what Tam House means to You}

How YOU Can Help Get The “Tam Word” Out to the World!

New Growth in All Seasons

New Growth in All Seasons

Our Houses are Currently Full which of course is happy news for all of us.  With our New Alex (“Sandy”) settling into the Annex, we now enjoy twenty-one members of the Tam House community.

As a non-profit, RVEHA is a member of the San Anselmo Chamber of Commerce, the Marin Interfaith Council, the Marin Partnership and the North Bay Chamber Link.  Locally, we have worked closely with the Marin Center for Independent Living, Marin Housing as well as social workers and advocates in many agencies.  We are also listed with the Fellowship for Intentional Community (an international web of over 2500 shared housing groups around the world).

We have representatives of several congregations and business leaders on our active board and many connections within the circle of our 21 residents.

Even when our two houses are filled, we continue to “get the word out” about our successful 35-Year Experiment in Independent Living!  This keeps our Applicant File open and active, and serves to educate the wider community about Tam House (we often get asked where to find “other houses like Tam” and there are very few!).

So, if you are committed to the model of cooperative independent living we have here at Tam, we invite you to pass it around.

-The Best People to tell our story are our residents, our board members and those who believe in what we do

-Feel free to run off a copy of the Latest Poster and hand it out or post it in your congregation, library, business or wherever you think seniors would be interested

Thank you for your help and participation in Telling Our Story!

(if you have other ideas for spreading the word, let us know!)